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SUBARU Forester Smart key adapting method for all key lost

SUBARU Forester Smart key adapting method for all key lost


We all knows SUBARU spare parts is very expensive, all key lost will cost a lot, here we share the SUBARU Forester key
adapting method for all key lost.
SUBARU Smart key all key lost key adaption have two common methods:
1. Disassemble the SMT Main ECU, Use AD900 programmer to write data into Toyota smart key, it can directly start the car, No need adapting on the car again, but must use AD smart key.
2. Disassemble the SMT Main ECU, immobilizer(ESL/ELV), Write initialization data, then study the key on the car.
Here we share the second method, SUBARU Forester use 5290 smart key, Year 2013, No immobilizer, disassemble the SMT Main ECU and ELV Write initialization data and study the key.


1.  Get the ELV(below steer column), disassemble the ELV module, find the 8 PIN EEPROM on the circuit board, Model No. : 93c46.
Desoldering the 93c46, use programmer and adapter read the data, make a backup first then change the code shown as below picture.
-keep the Red marked code code the same, others all change to F, When dump revised, use programmer and adapter write back to 93c46 eeprom, and solder back to the circuit board.
2. Disassemble the SMT Smart ECU(back side of the A column of the car), it’s appearance is the same as Toyota except the LOGO, disassemble the shell find the 8 PIN eeprom near the CPU, EEPROM Model No. : 93C86.  Disassemble the 93c86, Write initialization data, assemble back to the car, if without error the dashboard could be light up.

3. Use Key programmer add new keys directly.  Use K518, X300, or I80 key programmer, connect the car OBD interface, select SUBARU, then XV smart system, direct add new key, all down, after the keys added, no need sync, directly start the car.
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Volkswagen 35xx instrument immo key adapting tutorials all key lost

Volkswagen 35xx instrument immo key adapting tutorials all key lost

Volkswagen 35xx instruments cluster immo(New Jetta, New Santana, Skoda, volkswagen family the fourth generation immo manufactured after year 2013 ) all key lost adapting is an acknowledged head burn problems, many people try and then failed, here I got a new method to solve this tough problem, adapting new cars for volkswagen NEC 35xx instrument cluster all key lost.

Volkswagen 35xx

Abstract: because the volkswagen encrypt the 35xx instrument, result in the impossible to get the immo code from the eeprom without a key, when all key lost we can not adapting new key in term of the common methods. but we can get a alternative instrument cluster unencrypted sorts such as 24c32, 24c64(smart sort), via online adaption, let the volkswagen server write the original 35xx instrument cluster data into the alternative instrument cluster 24c32 or 24c64,  Ok, when this steps is down, we can use common methods to adapting 24c32 or 24c64 all key lost, because the alternative instrument cluster unencrypted, we can treat it as common all key lost case, when adapting work of 24c32 or 24c64 instrument cluster is down, we shifting back the 35xx instrument, all is down.
Devices & software needed: 35xx test cables, VCDS, VVDI2 Or K518, CN900, ODIS;
Volkswagen 35xx


1. Use VCDS select the 25th column – immobilizer, advanced identification,  read the 35xx instrument keys ID, record the ID (take picture or write down on a paper)
Volkswagen 35xx
2. Change the instrument cluster 24c32 or 24c64, use the ODIS software online adapting.  Select 25th column – immobilizer, adapting immobilizer, stoped before adapting keys, ESC.
Volkswagen 35xx
3. Common methods adapting new keys for 24c32 or 24c64 instruments all key lost, manually input the keys ID we record on the first step.  Use VVDI2 and 35xx testing cables to adapting 24c32 or 24c64 instrument keys on bench, there will be 6 steps, 1 to 5 steps, we follow it’s notification.
Volkswagen 35xx
4. The sixth step: VVDI2 click read immobilizer data, then the interface will display VIN, CS code, PIN code etc, all the key position is FFFFFFFF, Blank. input the keys ID manually into the first and second key position. then click write immobilizer data, the two original car key ID already been write into the eeprom.
Volkswagen 35xx
Volkswagen 35xx
5. Click generate the distributor keys:  select the car brands and models, then select the OEM keys, select generate key1 or key2, then click generate distributor keys, down.
Volkswagen 35xx
Volkswagen 35xx
Volkswagen 35xx
6. change back the original 35xx instrument cluster directly, the two keys no need study, cause their ID is the same as ID in the 35xx instrument,  no need study keys the car can start with the two keys.
Volkswagen 35xx
Volkswagen 35xx
Note: for fear the ABS code lost, better get the ECU and instrument adapting on bench, recommend buy the dedicated 35xx test cables, no need adapting on the car, decrease the risk of code lost.
Need 24c32 or 24c64 instrument cluster, please contact:
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Locksmith – Mercedes-Benz Car Model and It’s related Chassis No

Locksmith tutorials – Mercedes-Benz Car Model and It’s related Chassis No

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Many Automotive Locksmith didn’t know the relationship between the Car Model and the chassis No when they made keys. Here I’ll brief introduce their correspondence.

A series chassis No:

W168;  W169B; W245.

C series chassis No:

W201(Year 1982);  W202(Year 1994);  W203(Year 2001);  W204(Year 2007).

CL series chassis No:

W126;  W140;  W215;  C216.

CLK series chassis No:

W208;  W209.

CLS series chassis No:


E series chassis No:

W100(Year 1968);  W114, W115(Year 1968);  W123(Year 1976);  W124(Year 1985); W210(Year 1995); W211, W212(Year 2002).

G series chassis No:

W460;  W461;  W463.

GL series chassis No:


ML series chassis No:

W163;  W164R;  W251.

S series chassis No:

W116(Year 1971);  W126(Year 1979);  W140(Year 1991);  W220(Year 1998);  W221, W222(Year 2005);  W240(Maybach)

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