Mercedes-Benz HU5 HU55 HU6 Head unit NTG5 NTG5.5 NTG6 Combined test bench



Mercedes-Benz HU5 HU55 HU6 Head unit NTG5 NTG5.5 NTG6 Combined test bench

There are three options in this link:

Option 1: UAE10137a– NTG5 NTG5.5 NTG6 Head unit combined test bench.

Mercedes-Benz COMAND infotainment system NTG5 NTG5.5 NTG6 Head unit doip flash programming unlock anti-theft bench test platform

Option 2: UAE10137b – NTG6 Head unit extension cable:  this extension cable is for the customers who already bought the NTG5 NTG5.5 Test bench on our website, connect this extension cable  to the NTG5/NTG5.5 Test bench can support test the NTG6 head unit;   Some retrofit engineer may use this NTG6 extension cable to retrofit upgrade the car which configured with NTG5 or NTG5.5 Head unit to NTG6 head unit(Only supply this extension cable, No detail retrofit technical support ).

Mercedes-Benz HU6 NTG6 Head unit extension cable

Option 3: UAE10137cUnlock anti-theft simulator.  This simulator can input VIN via laptop USB port to simulate car environment when unlock the head unit anti-theft in DTS Monaco or Vediamo software.   here we have to emphasis that Unlock anti-theft operation is in Mercedes-Benz DTS Monaco or Vediamo kind of engineering software,  this simulator itself not have unlock function, it’s not goes like connect this simulator the head unit unlock anti-theft automatically.  some engineer may new in this area not familiar with unlock anti-theft or not have Mercedes-Benz engineer software, please be cautious/careful to order this simulator.

Customer who already bought our NTG5 NTG5.5 test bench,  or NTG6 Test bench can alos use this simulator.

Mercedes-Benz W213 HU6 NTG6 Head unit with 666K protocol type can perform test on bench with this simulator now.

Mercedes-Benz NTG5 NTG5.5 NTG6 bench unlock anti-theft VIN Simulate emulator

Mercedes-Benz NTG6 Headunit LVDS Cable HU6 central screen cluster IC module video line

Mercedes-Benz COMAND System NTG5.5 Headunit LVDS Cable HU to Screen video line

AUDI Mercedes-Benz PORSCHE LVDS cable head unit central display video Line


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Combined test bench, NTG6 Extension, Unlock Anti-theft simulator


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