TY90 Universal Programmer (English Version) For Locksmith

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TY90 universal remote programmer is an multi-functional and smart machine

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TY90 Universal Programmer (English Version) For Locksmith

TY90 multi-functional Garage door remote universal programmer

TY90 universal remote programmer is the upgrade version of QN-H618 and Digital Counter Master

The more powerful functions help you greatly reduce remote inventory, improve flexibility and work efficiency, particularly at frequency edit, as the advance of technology and the accumulation of time, we will update the program of TY90 universal programmer, it is easy and free operation on pc. Do not need to install USB drivers.

Don’t need to make a distinction between different remote Frequency, don’t need to distinguish A / B /C type sub-remote


1. Detect
1.1  Frequency detect
1.2   Data detect
1.3   Data  compare

2. Copy
2.1 Remote Copy
2.2  Code Regeneration

3.Remote generate

4. Edit data

5.Edit Frequency


1: TY90 support Edit Frequency from 300MHZ~500MHZ, and don’t need to distinguish A / B /C type sub-remote, also don’t need to distinguish the button and edit the each button alone, the same one remote has different control Frequency on the different button.

2:  TY90 support FSK remote key data detect / data comparing / re-generation. TY90 can support all fixed code and rolling code remote.

3: TY90 support almost Garage door remote control/motor remote/car remote, also can support computer code.

4: all key lost, TY90 also support part remote key


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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 15 cm


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