Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera Infrared Thermometer IR Device


Excellent Car ECU repair tools, applicable to inspect the failure elements on ECU or PCB, Professional Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera Portable Infrared Imaging Device HT-02

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Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera Infrared Thermometer IR Device


Temperature Range: -20C to 300C(-4F to 572F)
Display: 2.4 inch full viewing angle high-resolution color screen
Resolution: 60 * 60
Resolution of visible image: 0.3 mega pixels.
Total Pixel: 3600
FOV/Shortest Focal Length: 20× 20/0.5m
Thermal Sensitivity: 0.5 Degrees Celsius
Measuring Mode: Thermopile
Measuring Accuracy: +/-2% or +/-2 Degrees Celsius(+/-4 Fahrenheit)
Wavelength Range: 8-14μm
Emissivity: 0.1-1.0 Adjustable
Image Frequency: 6HZ
Focus Mode: Fixed
Palette: Iron red,rainbow,rainbow high contrast,gray scale(white glow) and gray scale(black glow)
Vision Option: 5 kinds of full infrared to the full visual, mixing visible and infrared.
Image Storage:Secure Digital Memory Card(4G)
File Format: bmp
Set Control: Unit Adjustment/Language/Date Time Format/automatic shut down
Battery Type: 4 * 1.5V AA battery (Not Included)
Battery Life: 6 Hours
Auto Power-off Time: 12 Minutes
Authentication: CE, RoHS
Operating Temperature: -5 Degrees Celsiusto 40 Degrees Celsius (23 Fahrenheit to 104 Fahrenheit)
Storage Temperature: -20 Degrees Celsius to 50 Degrees Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit to 122 Fahrenheit)
Relative Humidity: 10%RH to 80%RH
Item Size:21.2 * 9 * 6.2cm
Package Size: 27 * 19 * 11cm

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera
Thermal Imaging Camera
Package Includes:
1 * Thermal Infrared Imager
1 * SD Card(4G)
1 * User Manual
1 * Drop Resistance Rope
1 * Protecting bag

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