For Ford ELM 327 USB FTDI chip with switch Works on Forscan

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Ford HS CAN /MS CAN car diagnostic Tool&ELM327

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USB version:  HS CAN/MS CAN switch +  FTDI chip

Support language:English,Germany,Greek,Spanish,French,Serbian.

Ford ELM 327 USB FTDI chip
Ford ELM 327 USB FTDI chip

*This ELM327 only supports 12v Cars(including petrol and diesel cars),can’t support for 24V or 15V vehicles.

*Please use 16pin OBD II adapter  cars,we dont suggest to use it   on  non-16pin cars,even with a xpin to 16Pin extended cable.

Technical Details:

1Latest ELM327 version for greater F.o.r.d compatibility

2Manufactured modification to include a switch to connect to different CAN buses

3Designed for FORScan software

4Compatible with software venders; FORScan, Elmconfig, FF2 and FoCCCus, plus more

4MS CAN bus and HS CAN bus support

5Drivers and instructions included

Product Introduction:

One ELM327 OBDII OBD2 USB with switch. Designed for communicating with F.o.r.d, for Mazda, for Lincoln and for Mercury vehicles. With this cable and the one of the supported software vendors you can detected modules which are not visible for regular

OBD2 scanners. This includes showing you trouble codes, PIDs, running tests and services procedures which are never displayed by other OBD2 scanners and a standard ELM327.

Basic Features:

Reset fault /trouble codes / parameter ids (PIDs)

Change car configuration data

Run tests

Services procedures

Program certain models

Pin Configurations:

Switch position one: HS CAN – Occupies pins 6 and 14

Switch position two: MS CAN – Occupies pins 3 and 11

Supported Software:





Plus more

Modified EML:

Please note that many F.o.r.d and Mazda models (approximately since 2003-2004) are equipped with MS CAN bus, in addition to the regular HS CAN bus. In contrast to HS CAN bus, MS CAN bus is not supported by the stock ELM327, because MS CAN

is a manufacturer-specific solution and located on non-OBD2 pins. This ELM327 has been modified to allow it to implement the MS CAN bus.

ELM327 supports HS CAN from the stock, because for Ford HS CAN completely matches to the OBD2 standards. It occupies pins 6 and 14. MS CAN bus occupies pins 3 and 11.

Supported Vehicles:

All for Ford, for Mazda, for Lincoln, for Mercury vehicles that can be addressed using an ELM via an OBDII connector.

Supported Protocols:



Other Details:

Cables fully tested on supported model before shipping.

No responsibility can be accepted for any damage caused by the lead.

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